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The difference between having a well-optimized, easy-to-find website and a poorly optimized one is like the difference between setting up shop downtown and doing business in a cornfield. Actively using commonly-searched words related to your business, HTML tag hierarchy, ALT image attributes, and META tags is vital for achieving high search engine rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one part of a robust online marketing strategy, and can be combined effectively with social media, blogs, and other forms of user interaction.

SEO and Page Speed Assessment (Starting at $250)

LLD’s basic SEO offering begins with an evaluation of your current website and a comprehensive assessment of your current use of SEO best-practices, identifying areas where you may need improvement. We’ll then move on to an analysis of your site’s page speed—the time it takes your pages to load in a visitor’s browser—which can profoundly affect search engine rankings—and provide recommendations to improve this metric as well. Based on our recommendations, you’ll have the option of making the changes yourself or having LLD’s SEO and content specialists do the work for you. Some of the areas for which we offer recommendations, and can help optimize, include:

Keyword Optimization

One of the most important factors in determining search engine ranking is effective use of keywords—terms people search for that are related to the product or service you offer—in the copy and content of your site. LLD’s experienced SEO experts will research and provide optimal keywords that will help you outrank your competition, and assist you in reworking your existing content for maximum search engine visibility.

Image Optimization

Another important element of effective SEO is optimization of images to ensure they are all using ALT text (also known as alt tags.) You may know these as the text that appears when you hover your cursor over an image on a page— what you may not know is that this text sends an important signal to Google about your site’s relevancy. LLD will ensure that the ALT text on all your site’s images are optimized with keywords relevant to your product or service, which will help your search rankings tremendously.

Meta Tag Optimization

Keywords aren’t only used in copy and image tags. To achieve the highest possible search ranking, you must also optimize your site’s meta tags as well. LLD will make sure your title and description meta tags are the best that they can be and working hard to get your site the attention it deserves.

Link Building & Backlinks

Links—both from your site and to your site—are one of the most fundamental elements of effective SEO. In fact, Google’s founding premise was that a site gains “authority” by linking to other authoritative sites and, more importantly, having authoritative sites link to it. LLD will do a thorough review and analysis of your site’s linking strategy, as well as assess your current “backlink” (sites linking to you) inventory, and make changes to ensure your links are moving your page authority in the right direction.

Google Sitemap

A Google Sitemap is a file, often written in XML, that lists all the pages of your website, provides data about your site’s structure, and contains metadata about your site’s content. When Google crawls your site, this is one of the files it looks for first, and having an effective site map can improve your search rankings considerably. LLD will create a Google Sitemap for your site, as well as make sure it’s being seen by Google’s bots when they visit your site.

Site Structure

The way your site and its pages are organized can also have a profound effect on search engine ranking, as structure can impact your site’s ease-of-use and the ability of your visitors to find the information they are looking for. LLD can offer assistance in optimizing your site structure based on our analysis included in your SEO assessment.

Social Media Usage

Believe it or not, your use of social media is also a factor in effective SEO. Through the correct use of open graph data, Google knows which social pages are associated with your website, so the more engagement you have no your social platforms, the better your website will rank with Google. In addition to making recommendations in the assessment document, we can also help you make sure all your social sites are associated with your website.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that Love Local Design can assist you in making sure your site is optimized for the best search engine rankings possible. Whether you simply want us to complete a site analysis to hand off to your own developers, or have our SEO team do the work for you, LLD is committed to making sure your website outshines the competition and gets you as high on Google’s search results as possible.

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