Leadership Connect SaaS Web App

Design, UX

“The Love Local Design team helped us bring to market innovative, delightful, best-in-class products in the midst of major changes and challenging deadlines. Their designs and overall influence will be part of our offerings for years to come.”


— Dave Marmon, Product Director, Leadership Connect

Leadership Connect, a people intelligence company, and leader in the B2B information services space hired LLD to redesign their web app with a clean, simple, and user-friendly UI. 



The Challenge

Because Leadership Connect is a directory used by thousands of people in a diversity of sectors, including NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, and smaller businesses, they needed an interface that could be understood and used by anyone, regardless of their background, technical acumen, or other factors that might normally use specific target audiences or segments as a basis for the design. The goal was to have a product that would engage their users and make this new product a part of their everyday workflow.



Our Solution

Since Leadership Connect relies on its search tool for finding who has decision power at organizations, LLD’s first priority was to overhaul their current product’s search and filtering capabilities with a simplified, intuitive design. From there, we performed a ground-up redesign of their org chart feature, making the data searchable. Finally, we reorganized and redesigned the app’s business directory profiles so that the data most important to the user was emphasized.