Yale Medical Buprenorphine App

Design, UX, Front and Back-End Development for mobile app

In early 2019, the Yale Medical team contracted LLD to develop a mobile app to help individual opioid users with one of the most important strategies to fight addiction: medication treatment. Read more about this innovative new app, and the doctors we worked with to develop it, on the Yale News website.



The Problem

When teaching patients how to begin treatment with buprenorphine, a medication that treats opioid addiction, the Yale team found that their current method of writing the induction instructions on a slip of paper was ineffective. The paper would get lost, and the instructions were complicated and dull. To remedy this, they approached LLD to develop a mobile app that would make the process easy for patients.



Our Solution

LLD designed the mobile app based on a prototype of a web app created by a team at Yale led by Dr. David Rosenthal. Our process included creating a series of detailed wireframes with an intuitive UI and uncomplicated user-flow. From there we created a clean and simple design, with the goal of making the induction phase of buprenorphine more accessible for patients. Working with the Yale team, we also added new features for the app, including dosage history and additional educational content.