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It’s crucial to maintain a personal touch with your users, whether it’s through social media accounts, email campaigns and newsletters, or digital advertising. We utilize top-notch marketing tools, meticulous design, and detailed analytics to get you the best ROI. We can even help plan and execute custom website features that put you ahead of your competitors.

Introductory Digital Marketing Plan - $650

Our Introductory Digital Marketing Plan is a comprehensive guide, based on our research about your company and its competitors. In this plan, we’ll recommend an initial strategy comprised of specific tactics you can use to market your business.

Introductory Digital Marketing Plan Includes:

Recommended Target Customers In this part of the plan, LLD will identify two distinct customer “personas” – hypothetical composites that represent the type of customer you may wish to target with your marketing efforts. These personas include customer demographics (age, location, gender, income, occupation, ethnicity, marital status, education, etc.) and psychographics (personality, attitudes, values, interests, lifestyles, behavior, etc.) which will help you zero in on the type of marketing tactics you will focus on.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is of critical importance, as it distinguishes your company from competitors. LLD will help you identify the characteristics that make your large or small business truly unique, and to help you leverage these traits into a strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Materials Recommendations Your marketing materials are the collateral you use to promote your business to current and prospective customers. Among others, they include your website, print brochures, business cards, and catalogs. LLD will make recommendations for basic materials you’ll need for your business, as well as additions and enhancements to your current portfolio of materials.

Online Marketing and Promotional Strategy There are numerous components to an online marketing strategy. These may include search engine optimization (SEO), paid online advertising (Google and Facebook ads), refer-a-friend promotions, affiliate marketing and the use of social media to attract customers. LLD will make recommendations based on your company’s specific needs and goals, broken down into immediate, near-term, and long-term tactics.

Conversion Strategy Conversion strategies refer to the techniques you employ to turn prospective customers into paying customers. LLD will recommend two specific tactics that will help turn people browsing your site into paying customers, broken down into immediate, near-term, and long-term tactics.

Retention Strategy While acquiring new customers is critical to the growth of your business, it is equally important that you have a plan to retain these customers by offering incentives for repeat sales. LLD will make recommendations that will stimulate repeat business for your company.

Monthly Digital Marketing Package
Starting at $500 a month

To increase traffic to your website, we strongly recommend a monthly digital marketing solution to boost traffic and increase engagement with your brand. For a monthly fee, we will provide any of the following ongoing services, as needed, to fit your goals and budget.

Monthly Email Newsletter LLD will provide content creation and design for a monthly email newsletter, a customized design based on the sales season, news you’d like to highlight, and planned specials and sales. If desired, we can also provide you with custom reports and analytics, which are useful to measure the impact your newsletter is having on your customers, and allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

Social Media Posts To step-up your social media game, LLD will provide concepts, copywriting, post design, and publishing of up to 20 posts per month on up to three social platforms. (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

Online Advertising Campaigns Online ad campaigns are one of the most effective ways to market your business and attract new customers. LLD will consult with you to determine an ad solution that works best for your specific goals. Our services include setting up and maintaining your ad campaigns, whether they are on Google Adwords, other pay-per-click (PPC) ad services, or utilize social media advertising programs, such as Facebook Ads.

Content Marketing LLD provides content-writing services for your website’s blog, including weekly or monthly 1000-word posts based on your needs, LLD’s research and SEO recommendations.

End of Month Analysis LLD will gather analytics from across your website and social media platforms to create an easy-to-read document which details traffic, clicks, and demographic information for the month, including recommendations for improvement.


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