The stages of our design process:

Discovery Process


During the Discovery phase we learn as much as we can about your project. Through client discussions and research we establish your project’s goals, identify your ideal users/customers, and comprehensively outline the specific details about your product or service to inform the web design or other product specifications. This phase also involves researching your competitors and investigating areas where your business can improve, so that we can equip your team with a competitive edge.

Planning Process


The planning phase of our mobile and web development process is where we put our ideas into motion. We create sitemaps and wireframes in order to optimize the organization of your website. Once those prototype sitemaps and wireframes receive approval from your team, we then proceed to the design phase.

Design Process


During the design phase, we create custom-designed mockups which take into consideration the sitemaps and wireframes from the planning phase and integrate the research conducted during the discovery phase. All of our sites are designed using best practices for implementing responsive, cross-platform web and mobile development and design.

Development Process


The development phase is where we put our designs into action. Our team of developers are dedicated to writing clean code and implementing the latest in best practices. This phase of our mobile and web development process also includes extensive internal quality assurance testing, where we identify and resolve as many issues as possible before submitting the work for your review.

Launch & Maintenance Process

Launch & Maintenance

Once the development phase is completed, we then provide a link to preview the site on our testing server. After we have implemented any requested development changes, the site is ready to Launch. Our site maintenance packages cover assistance in resolving any subsequent issues you may have with your site or host, incorporating content and design updates, or adding additional features.