InterCommunity Health Care

Consultation, Design, UX, Custom CMS, Front and Back-End Development

InterCommunity Health Care, a Connecticut-based healthcare services organization, came to LLD for a redesign of their website. They asked us to update the site design with a fresh new look-and-feel, make the site responsive, improve the overall UX and user-flow, and provide an easy-to-use CMS.



Design and UX

For the site design, we worked with InterCommunity’s designer, Cadwell Art Direction, who provided us with the organization’s brand guidelines, color palette, and overall direction of the website design. From these materials, we were able to create a fresh, contemporary, responsive design that reflected Intercommunity’s mission and values and employed industry best-practices and WCAG compliance. We also updated the site’s UX, including navigation and user flow, and performed extensive user-testing to ensure visitors had a positive experience on the site.



CMS and Back-End Development

Because the existing site was built using WordPress, and their staff was familiar with that CMS, we provided a brand new custom-built WordPress theme that would meet their needs, while making the admin area intuitive and easy-to-use. Custom components using Advanced Custom Fields provided the ability for the InterCommunity team to easily update specific page modules using a form-based interface, and a theme settings panel allowing for easy customization of the header, footer, and error pages.