Product Development, Consultation, UX Design, App Design

“The LLD team is amazing and we are very thankful for their partnership. Love Local Design had the right talent when we needed it. They helped with design, project management, development, across the board they were there when we needed them. ”


Peter Glyman, President and Co-founder, Geezeo

Geezeo (subsequently acquired by Jack Henry) is a financial management firm in Braintree, Massachusetts that offers Personal Financial Management (PFM) online banking solutions to over 400 financial institutions throughout the United States.

Geezeo came to Love Local Design in 2016 to design a series of “Responsive Tiles” – a suite of modular tools that enable financial institutions to invent and maintain customized financial management features within existing online banking and mobile channels. This responsive design project included a categorical expense tracker, projected cash flow analyzer, daily spending calculator, spending analysis tool, and a net worth analyzer.

To begin, Love Local Design (LLD) held weekly calls with Geezeo and one of their partner banks, and worked closely with Geezeo’s product development group to create new designs. During this process, LLD was able to redesign and revamp Geezeo’s legacy UI and revitalize the entire user experience into a mobile-first product with responsive design that works across all mobile and desktop platforms. Along the way, we provided in-depth documentation for Geezeo’s development team. The resulting library gives financial institutions and their partners a new way to create a fully blended digital banking experience by weaving core PFM features and content into existing online and mobile platforms.

When the first round of responsive design was completed, LLD’s work was far from over. In order to make sure the product worked as expected, our user experience team travelled onsite to oversee user testing with one of one of Geezeo’s partners, a major online banking provider. Working directly with the Geezeo’s partner, LLD performed rigorous performance testing with real users to make sure that any UX issues were addressed and that the product worked flawlessly and met their needs.

“The LLD team was able to quickly understand our complicated domain and make impactful design suggestions right away. The team fit right in, and we were able to iterate together very effectively.”

Aaron Junod, Vice President of Product Development, Geezeo