Evolux Transportation

Product Development, Consultation, Design

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Evolux is a startup building the world’s first charter helicopter marketplace and accompanying global distribution system. Evolux hired Love Local Design to map out the user experience path, wireframe the booking process & other associated features, and finally to build mockups based upon the wireframes.

“The Love Local Design team was a pleasure to work with. They were extremely proficient in understanding our user interface needs, and enabled us to effectively communicate specifications with our back-end team to build intuitive user experiences within a very complex, multi-sided platform.”

– Ray Leavitt, Founder & CEO, Evolux Transportation


The product development process began with a whiteboarding session to map out all of the necessary pages and feature requirements. From the user experience path we created an Axure prototype, which allowed the Evolux team to focus on product improvements during weekly development sessions. With this feedback on the refined Axure prototypes we were able to provide the final polished designs.