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Love Local Design provided design and development services for the relaunch of the website for ZSuite Technologies, a fintech (financial technology) company offering sub-accounting solutions for financial institutions, law firms, property managers, and other businesses.




The new site serves as the company’s primary marketing tool, targeting executives at banks and credit unions, and provides a unique solution for growing financial institutions’ businesses by providing licenses to white-label products.




LLD incorporated ZSuite’s existing design concepts which we used as a basis for developing the new website.





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Crave It

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Love Local Design was hired to redesign an existing mobile gift card eCommerce app and expand it to include online ordering. With the 2020 pandemic negatively affecting in-person service at restaurants, the team knew they had to pivot rapidly to meet the increased demand for online ordering and gift card purchases. As opposed to competitors like Uber Eats and GrubHub which utilize a central feed where users must wade through hundreds of restaurants, wanted an app that allowed restaurants to keep control over branding and administration.


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LLD worked with the team to completely update the look and feel of the application and the existing workflow was entirely reimagined and redesigned. We looked at the workflows from a half-dozen competing applications, identified pain points in their ordering processes, and designed with the goal of creating the easiest and most customizable way to order food.  We aimed to provide the flexibility customers have when ordering in person.


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With COVID-19 showing no signs of slowing down and given the time-intensive nature of mobile app development, underwent a second pivot to prioritize the launch of the web application, which provided a faster way to get their product to market. LLD was tasked to adapt the mobile design for use on a restaurant’s website. This included reenvisioning the online checkout process to accommodate curbside pickup and delivery, as well as gift card purchasing as a way to help support local businesses during the pandemic. 


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ConnQuER Hep C

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In 2019, the Yale AIDS Program worked with LLD to develop a mobile app that assists Hepatitis C (HCV) patients in understanding the infection and managing their treatment and post-care.



The Problem

The Yale AIDS Program found that patients newly-diagnosed with Hepatitis C often struggled to understand the nature of the infection, the details and scope of their treatment plan, and the often-confusing terms that are used by medical professionals when communicating with the patient. The challenge was to simplify the treatment process for HCV patients.


Our Solution

LLD worked closely with medical professionals at the Yale AIDS Program to develop a self-directed patient experience consisting of five “steps” —  lessons focused on testing, diagnosis, treatment, and after-care. The LLD team used data provided by the Yale AIDS team to write the lessons, with each presented as a brief topic, such as “Testing for Hep-C” and “What to Expect During Treatment.”  Lessons also included a short, multiple-choice quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the material. As the patient progressed through the program, they gradually developed a basic literacy of each topic. 



The app also includes additional patient resources, including a glossary of common terms used by healthcare providers, and a Helpful Links section for further reading about HCV on reputable healthcare websites such as the CDC and NIH.


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BUP Home Induction

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In early 2019, the Yale Medical team contracted LLD to develop a mobile app to help individual opioid users with one of the most important strategies to fight addiction: medication treatment. Read more about this innovative new app, and the doctors we worked with to develop it, on the Yale News website.



The Problem

When teaching patients how to begin treatment with buprenorphine, a medication that treats opioid addiction, the Yale team found that their current method of writing the induction instructions on a slip of paper was ineffective. The paper would get lost, and the instructions were complicated and dull. To remedy this, they approached LLD to develop a mobile app that would make the process easy for patients.



Our Solution

LLD designed the mobile app based on a prototype of a web app created by a team at Yale led by Dr. David Rosenthal. Our process included creating a series of detailed wireframes with an intuitive UI and uncomplicated user-flow. From there we created a clean and simple design, with the goal of making the induction phase of buprenorphine more accessible for patients. Working with the Yale team, we also added new features for the app, including dosage history and additional educational content.


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Leadership Connect

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Leadership Connect, a people intelligence company, and leader in the B2B information services space hired LLD to redesign their web app with a clean, simple, and user-friendly UI. 



The Challenge

Because Leadership Connect is a directory used by thousands of people in a diversity of sectors, including NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, and smaller businesses, they needed an interface that could be understood and used by anyone, regardless of their background, technical acumen, or other factors that might normally use specific target audiences or segments as a basis for the design. The goal was to have a product that would engage their users and make this new product a part of their everyday workflow.



Our Solution

Since Leadership Connect relies on its search tool for finding who has decision power at organizations, LLD’s first priority was to overhaul their current product’s search and filtering capabilities with a simplified, intuitive design. From there, we performed a ground-up redesign of their org chart feature, making the data searchable. Finally, we reorganized and redesigned the app’s business directory profiles so that the data most important to the user was emphasized. 


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InterCommunity Health Care

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InterCommunity Health Care, a Connecticut-based healthcare services organization, came to LLD for a redesign of their website. They asked us to update the site design with a fresh new look-and-feel, make the site responsive, improve the overall UX and user-flow, and provide an easy-to-use CMS.



Design and UX

For the site design, we worked with InterCommunity’s designer, Cadwell Art Direction, who provided us with the organization’s brand guidelines, color palette, and overall direction of the website design. From these materials, we were able to create a fresh, contemporary, responsive design that reflected Intercommunity’s mission and values and employed industry best-practices and WCAG compliance. We also updated the site’s UX, including navigation and user flow, and performed extensive user-testing to ensure visitors had a positive experience on the site.



CMS and Back-End Development

Because the existing site was built using WordPress, and their staff was familiar with that CMS, we provided a brand new custom-built WordPress theme that would meet their needs, while making the admin area intuitive and easy-to-use. Custom components using Advanced Custom Fields provided the ability for the InterCommunity team to easily update specific page modules using a form-based interface, and a theme settings panel allowing for easy customization of the header, footer, and error pages. 


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Geezeo (subsequently acquired by Jack Henry) is a financial management firm in Braintree, Massachusetts that offers Personal Financial Management (PFM) online banking solutions to over 400 financial institutions throughout the United States.

Geezeo came to Love Local Design in 2016 to design a series of “Responsive Tiles” – a suite of modular tools that enable financial institutions to invent and maintain customized financial management features within existing online banking and mobile channels. This responsive design project included a categorical expense tracker, projected cash flow analyzer, daily spending calculator, spending analysis tool, and a net worth analyzer.

To begin, Love Local Design (LLD) held weekly calls with Geezeo and one of their partner banks, and worked closely with Geezeo’s product development group to create new designs. During this process, LLD was able to redesign and revamp Geezeo’s legacy UI and revitalize the entire user experience into a mobile-first product with responsive design that works across all mobile and desktop platforms. Along the way, we provided in-depth documentation for Geezeo’s development team. The resulting library gives financial institutions and their partners a new way to create a fully blended digital banking experience by weaving core PFM features and content into existing online and mobile platforms.

When the first round of responsive design was completed, LLD’s work was far from over. In order to make sure the product worked as expected, our user experience team travelled onsite to oversee user testing with one of one of Geezeo’s partners, a major online banking provider. Working directly with the Geezeo’s partner, LLD performed rigorous performance testing with real users to make sure that any UX issues were addressed and that the product worked flawlessly and met their needs.

“The LLD team was able to quickly understand our complicated domain and make impactful design suggestions right away. The team fit right in, and we were able to iterate together very effectively.”

Aaron Junod, Vice President of Product Development, Geezeo

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Fitscript Background

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GlucoseZone Client App

Love Local Design started this web & mobile design project by meeting with Fitscript and their development team, Advanced Decisions. The founder of Fitscript, Charlie O’Connell, had a very specific vision for the GlucoseZone app, a vision based on his own experience both as a Type 1 diabetic and as a personal trainer who has worked with countless Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. Once LLD had an overview of the current state of the project and where Fitscript wanted to take the app, LLD got to work. After a series of designs and discussions, the new app began to form.

Love Local Design became a translator for Charlie’s vision. He has a wealth of knowledge from research and experience that guided key aspects in the app’s web & mobile design. For example, the app’s clear controls and large lettering make the app more accessible and safer for people with diabetes. Blurred vision is one of the first symptoms of low or high glucose levels. Additionally, people with diabetes frequently have other vision problems. This is just one of the many needs the GlucoseZone app had to fulfill to make sure the app was accessible for its users.

Love Local Design also worked to adapt Charlie’s vision for the development team. Advanced Decisions and Love Local Design became a cohesive force, working together to solve challenges and problems as they arose. What started out as a bare skeleton of an app with minimal functionality soon became a viable product studied in a medical trial at Yale. The results of this 90 day trial were amazing: overall, there was a 2.2% average A1C reduction and an average weight loss of 9.7lbs, and some participants even reduced their dosage of insulin.

After these promising results, Love Local Design continued its work with Fitscript and Advanced Decisions to make the newest version of the app, as seen here. With a few months of user research due to the medical trial, Fitscript compiled a comprehensive list of hits and misses based on the trial. Over the course of several months, and many long meetings, the newest version of the product is nearing completion. The app allows users to track their blood glucose levels during workouts, log their medication and food intake, and follow along with prerecorded and live workout sessions with Fitscript trainers.

The Trainer App

This most recent phase of the web & mobile design and development has also included the GlucoseZone Trainer app, a tablet app designed for fitness professionals. The GlucoseZone Trainer app is tailored specifically for Fitscript’s team of personal trainers. Fitscript’s personal trainers do a lot more than your average trainer: they are educated thoroughly on working with people with diabetes, in order to answer their clients’ questions and concerns. They also learn how to handle issues and crises people with diabetes may experience while training. The trainer app is designed to make the client’s experience as discreet as possible while still allowing him or her to clearly signal their trainer for assistance.

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The product development process began with a whiteboarding session to map out all of the necessary pages and feature requirements. From the user experience path we created an Axure prototype, which allowed the Evolux team to focus on product improvements during weekly development sessions. With this feedback on the refined Axure prototypes we were able to provide the final polished designs.


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Company Website


Platform Design

We began by working with Christina Balotescu, 360Alumni’s founder, to whiteboard concepts and sketch out initial wireframes for their platform design. During these sessions we identified all of the features and requirements that would eventually be included in the 360Alumni platform. From there, we built a fully interactive prototype using Axure, which went through rounds of feature, design, and functionality refinement leading to development of the final product. Love Local Design continues to provide design support and consultation during the development process of the 360Alumni platform.


“Love Local Design has been a fantastic partner to 360Alumni. We use the company extensively for website design, front-end product enhancements, user experience guidance, and digital ads. Projects are delivered on time and beautifully executed. Attention to detail is vital, and Love Local Design never disappoints. I highly recommend them.”

– Megan Reile, Marketing Manager, 360Alumni


Marketing Materials

To assist in 360Alumni’s marketing efforts, Love Local Design created email and business card templates, assisted with designs for investor and client pitch decks, and built responsive landing pages for specific marketing events. We also assisted in ensuring brand consistency across all their various social media accounts.

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