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Is Your Site Ready for Mobile-First Indexing? 5 Tactics That Can Help

Is you site ready for mobile-first indexing?

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As you’ve probably heard by now, Google—after 18 months of testing—has begun slowly rolling out “mobile-first” indexing of websites. What this means, for any content publisher, is that Google will look at the mobile version a website first to analyze your site’s structure and content for indexing and determine which snippets will be used in the listing. In the past, Google has used the desktop version of a website when crawling a site for indexing. At the moment, not every site is a part of this pilot but, according to Google, they are starting with a small number of websites and will be gradually expanding out until it eventually mobile-first indexing will apply to every website. Read on…

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9 Tips on Choosing and Purchasing Your Domain Name

9 tips on choosing your domain name

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One of the first choices  any owner of a small business or startup is faced with is choosing the right domain name for their website. On the surface, this seems like an easy choice to make— just add .com to your business name, right?  Not so fast. What if your business name is “Ted and Andy’s Superior Rug Emporium? That might be a bit unwieldy in a domain name. Or what if the .com domain you wanted is already taken? Or if your business name contains a frequently misspelled word?  There are dozens of roadblocks you may encounter, so we’ve come up with 9 tips for choosing a domain that take into consideration some of the most common issues our clients face when choosing and purchasing their domains. Read on…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO

Beginner's Guide to Local SEO

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Here at LLD, clients come to us for, among other things, our search engine optimization services.  And being that we specialize in helping startups and new businesses, many of these clients are, well, new to this process, and often think that SEO simply means getting to the top of the search results page for their particular industry.  However, since many of these new businesses are brick-and-mortar operations, they may get better value from local SEO, i.e. being at the top of LOCAL search results (people searching for recommendations in their area,) rather than ranking first in their category worldwide.  If you need a haircut in Boise, you’re more likely to search for “haircuts in Boise” than just “haircuts.”  However, now that Google usually knows the approximate location you’re searching from—especially if you’re searching from your phone—just typing in “haircuts” these days is likely to result in hair salons or barber shops that are actually in your area.  So Local SEO is a thing you should do, basically because local search is now the de facto way of searching for pretty much any product or service. Read on…

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